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It’s Not a Virtual Camp,
It’s a Virtual Adventure!

Something weird is happening all over the internet! Websites, online games and even Minecraft realms are bugging out! Nobody is sure what is happening.  Conspiracy theories have emerged with false claims and fake news.

A Virus, Hackers, Artificial Intelligence or something else?



Every day you will login to a Virtual Terminal with a team of Techventurers and your E-xpedition Leader.  From here you’ll choose to explore different digital worlds and applications to find clues and face challenges.  One day you could end up in a Minecraft Realm, the next you could be visiting a virtual zoo or fixing pong.  Who knows where you’ll end up?


You will have to rely on your problem solving and tech skills to solve puzzles, challenges and fix code along the way.   But don’t worry, your E-xpedition Leader will be there to help you when you need it. Did I mention there will be cryptic messages?  And maybe a Boss Battle?

Every puzzle you solve, challenge you complete and boss you defeat will give you experience points and LEVEL you UP!  E-xpedion Leaders can also give you additional experience points at the end of the day, based on how you performed and helped your team.

Even if the Glitch is never caught, on September 12, 2020 we’ll be drawing a name at random to win a Nintendo Switch Lite console.  As a Level 1 Techventurer you automatically get 1 ballot into the draw.  But the more you level up during the week, the more chances you will get to win the console!

Learn more about our giveaway!

For the Parents

This program is designed for kids between ages 8-14 with basic computer knowledge.  We understand that every child is different so if you have older or even a younger child who knows their technology, (can use a computer, mouse and web browser) don’t be afraid to reach out to us to discuss whether or not they would be a good fit for this program.


Monday to Friday
9:30am to 12:30pm

Week  1  begins on  July  6
Week 2  begins on  July 13
Week 3  begins on  July 20
Week 4  begins on  July 27
Week 5  begins on  Aug 10
Week 6  begins on  Aug 17
Week 7  begins on  Aug 24
Week 8  begins on  Aug 31

6 to 1 RATIO

Techventurers to E-xpedition Leaders
6 to 1

An E-xpedition Leader oversees your child’s adventures on a daily basis and provides instruction and guidance with regards to coding, designing and problem solving.

E-xpedition Leaders also have the authority of giving or removing Additional experience points based on Techventurers attitude and online behavior.


2D Animation
3D Design
Problem Solving
and much more


LEVEL 1 –  1 Entry into Draw
LEVEL 2 – 3 Entries into Draw
LEVEL 3 – 5 Entries into Draw
LEVEL 4 – 7 Entries into Draw
LEVEL 5 – 10 Entries into Draw

Experience points are based on accomplishing tasks and solving problems throughout the week.


An Internet connection
Laptop or desktop (not tablet or phone)
Working Microphone and Speakers
Webcam – Either external or built-in
Keyboard and mouse
Chrome browser
Minecraft Bedrock Version

What is Minecraft Bedrock


1 Week – $125
2 Weeks – $225 – SAVE $25
3 Weeks – $325 – SAVE $50
4 Weeks – $425 – SAVE $75
5 Weeks – $525 – SAVE $100
6 Weeks – $625 – SAVE $125
7 Weeks – $725 – SAVE $150
8 Weeks – $800 – SAVE $200

How to Register

Weekly registration is limited for this program.